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Kreabaur Tackle, from Nelson Development Group, is a premier brand of high quality fishing tackle products designed to give each angler an edge on the competition. You may recognize some of our product names like our most recent product release the Snappy Stringer®, or the GlowStrike® Glow in the Dark Bite Indicator or going back to our first product release the StrikeLight Dual LED Night Fishing Bite Indicator. We at Nelson Development Group continually strive to produce the very best quality in fishing tackle and accessories which can only be made possible through continual customer feedback.

Snappy Stringer®

When you finally hook that elusive prize fish you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll need a fish stringer that’s powerful enough to handle it. Snappy Stringer’s® durable plastic and polyurethane coated cable won’t let you down—even for the heaviest fish. Snappy Stringer® comes loaded with features that are crucial to any fisherman, including an easy-release button and the ability to attach it anywhere—your fishing jacket, boat, float tube, or even a karabiner to clip to your fly-fishing vest. Unlike typical nylon fish stringers that burn your hand when you are carrying a full load, Snappy Stringer® is easy to carry and pain-free.

GlowStrike® Glow in the Dark Bite Indicator

Compared to other bite indicators on the market, the GlowStrike® is 100% affordable, allowing you to spend your hard-earned cash on other fishing necessities, such as camping equipment or high-quality bait. Where you could spend far more on similar products which are disposable, the GlowStrike® is a low $4.95 for not just one, but 2 night fishing lights, which you can reuse again and again. Since the GlowStrike® is so affordable, you can afford to buy one for every fishing pole!

StrikeLight Dual LED Night Fishing Bite Indicator

Unlike many night fishing lights which feature a single exposed bulb, StrikeLight incorporates a built-in signature light chamber which encapsulates the light and concentrates it into the tip of the device, preventing it from disintegrating into the darkness—similar to the way a flashlight case focuses its light source. As a result, StrikeLight's alarm signal is a vivid beacon in the night—when it matters most!

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